Drawing and Sketching

watercolour sketchbook

I love to travel and sketch and if I can combine the two then that's a bonus! I enjoy just sitting with my sketchbook and taking in the view. I find that by drawing a place I really get to know it, I soak up the atmosphere and I notice things that I wouldn't see in a photograph. Also the process of observing and recording starts the thinking process and it is often at this stage that I begin to think about the paintings I will produce later.  


Sometimes I draw for the love of drawing and nothing else, other times I am drawn to a particular detail and want to make a record of it and sometimes I sketch views that I know I will develop as paintings later.


During the first Covid lockdown I took part in a 100 day sketchbook project where I shared a page a day from my travel journals. In each post I shared a story, memory or description of my sketchbook travels to India, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Bangkok, Greece, Paris, Italy etc....You can watch a video of the full 100 pages below or look back at my Instagram account for the stories!

I say to all my students if they want to improve their painting they must also improve their drawing. Anyone can learn to draw - it's about building confidence and making it fun. I run different drawing workshops for beginners and the more experienced - take a look here.