Abstract & Architectural Painting

I am very lucky to have a purpose built studio on the back of the house. The view is fantastic and inspiring at any time of year.

view from my artist studio
The view from my studio

I mostly paint in the studio accompanied by the lovely Monty! I also love to work outside whenever I can to paint En plein air or to do drawings in my sketchbook. 

monty artist dog
My assistant Monty
Outside my studio
Outside my studio

I paint in Watercolour and acrylic mostly and I sometimes incorporate fragments of collage into my work. The process of creating a painting usually starts with a liberal splash of colour to the background. With a lot of my architecture paintings I use ink pen to draw out the details of the buildings, followed by layers of vibrant watercolour paint. My favourite watercolours at the moment are the St Petersburg ‘white nights’ which are very intense and saturated with pigment.

art painting
painting art process

When creating a more abstract architectural painting I will start with a few very quick sketches to plan out the composition. A background wash of my selected colours is the starting point - followed by carefully drawn decorative details which, I overlap with elements of the interior and exterior. 

I work from my sketchbook and from photos for this process. This is all done in pencil first then permanent ink pen. Next I glue in fragments of collage such as maps, vintage postcards and sheet music. 

Then the lengthy process of painting, usually with acrylic, into the hundreds of sections begins using a range of tones from my colour palette. These large architectural pieces can take upwards of 50 hours to complete.